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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And another from the CWL newsletter...

A late Christmas present... Vote NO

By the time you read this Christmas will have passed. You can give yourself a late present that will be a good gift for you and help your neighbors too. Send in your vote to the board when your ballot about incorporation comes in the mail and circle the NO. Tell them you want no more of our association's money spent on lawyers to work on incorporation. This will be the gift that keeps giving for years to come.

If you like our gates, our public safety, our private lake, private parks, and you don't want more government telling you what to do a vote of no is the only choice. A lot of the things you have been told by the incorporation people are just wrong and we all know it. We have a good thing here and I want it to continue as it is. I think you do too.
Dennis Balk