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Monday, January 10, 2011

Eagle Scouts for Candlewick

Some of you may have noticed the fish cribs stored in the landing area near the rec center. These were built by the Eagle Scouts as a project to help the Candlewick Lake fish habitat. The scouts built them out of wooden pallets so they should hold up for many years.

The plan is to drag them out onto the ice, position them, weight them down, and allow them to sink in the designated areas as the ice melts this spring. They will be great cover for the fish and provide areas of opportunity for us to fish where the fish congregate. The coming weekend is the time planned to set them out if the weather cooperates.

It would be a good idea for fishermen to make note of where cribs are positioned on the lake for future reference when trying their luck. The fish committee plans to use GPS for future position references. The scouts deserve a “thank you” for their work improving our lake.

Ken Dillenburg