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Monday, April 11, 2011

We really need your help

I have mentioned in a previous post about the coming Candlewick clean-up day. This is a completely separate project but it is a contract we have signed with the county, agreeing to pick up the litter on Caledonia Road on the west side of Candlewick. Help will be needed to accomplish this.

The Candlewick board will be meeting at the west gate this coming Thursday at 4:30 p.m. to handle this task. We will be cleaning the roadsides from Dawson Lake Road to Kelly Road. Garbage bags, those pick up tools to avoid bending, and gloves will be provided, although if you have gloves to use please bring them along. This is not a hard job. Normally we break into groups with one person holding the bag and the others filling it. The bags are tied and left along the roadside for the county to pick up.

Even after the winter debris it will not be a very time-consuming task and the more that help out the faster it will go. I would say if we get several people this should not take over an hour of your time and believe me, the satisfaction you will feel afterward is worth far more than the time involved. This is a perfect project for local groups to help with. Please get involved in this project. We hope to see you there.

Ken Dillenburg