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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Government thinking

I try not to go into tirades’ about some of this stuff but I cannot be the only one that thinks this is just plain nuts! We have all heard of the problem with air traffic controllers sleeping on the job. Let’s discuss some of the solutions that our leaders have brought forth to date.

First they say it is such a boring job with such infrequent night landing requests that it is very difficult to stay awake. It also is very hard to get into a sleep rhythm when being forced to work occasional nights. The proposed solution?????

The bureaucrats believe traffic control needs to have more people on duty together to keep each other awake. The union suggests they should have breaks of up to two and one half paid hours per eight hour shift so they can sleep and be rested. HUH????

Think of it this way. A deputy sheriff patrols northern Boone County overnight alone in his squad car. He feels tired so he pulls off the road into a parking area, arranges pillows, and dozes off for five hours of his shift. The problem is someone driving by notices him asleep. The solution to this problem is obvious, add another person to the squad car to keep the first one awake and let each take long naps during their shift. That will solve the problem. Ludicrous.

Try this in private industry and see how long the offenders last. Dump the bad apples and hire people who will appreciate the good pay and benefits. If someone does not perform the job hiring more employees to cover the problem employee is not the solution. I know no one of authority will ever read this but they need to join the real world and get off the government gravy train.

rant by Ken Dillenburg