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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oilin’ the eggs

For any of you not familiar with the term, addling is the process of using vegetable oil to coat the eggs of geese so they are deprived of oxygen and will not hatch. The geese think the eggs are still viable so they will continue to sit on the eggs and not lay more. It is an effective way to control the Canadian Goose population.

Tom Pinkowski, Sr. reports the addling started Saturday with ten volunteers. They found at least a dozen nests that contained eggs. This means with about three eggs per nest that will be 36 less geese to foul our beaches, yards, and walkways.

The addling will continue for five more weeks as more geese continue to nest and lay eggs. This is a lot of work for the volunteers and they deserve our thanks for their commitment to helping our community control the goose problem.

Ken Dillenburg