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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Board Meeting April 19, 2011

Following are the highlights of the Candlewick Board of Directors meeting of April 19th, 2011. This is not an official complete report but simply an informational document for those unable to attend.

The first board meeting was held with the newly elected and appointed board members. The first order of business was for the board to appoint someone to replace Cathy Headley who recently turned in her resignation. We thank Cathy for the time and effort she put in serving on the board and serving our community. The remaining board members unanimously appointed Don Parisi to fill the vacant seat. Don agreed to serve for the remainder of a one-year term. We thank Don for accepting the position. Once the board members were in place the board voted on the officers. Bonnie Marron was elected President, Ken Dillenburg was elected Vice President, Pam Cangelosi was again elected Secretary and Jeff Lutzow again was elected Treasurer. We have a great board and set of officers in place to handle the challenges ahead.

The next order of business was to draw the winning raffle tickets for the dues reduction.

In the end $3560.00 worth of tickets were sold making for 7 winners to receive $508.58 each. The lucky winners were Carol Brantner, Tim Ballinger, Maria Pintor, Shirla Sullinger, Jerry Genrich, Chuck Pazdzioch, and Doug & Linda Bouback. Congratulations to all.

In the committee reports it was stated that our financials are good with a total of $3,210,618.57 in the bank and investments. Strategic Planning is on hold for now. Top priorities in the coming years are our roads. There will be a road ADHOC meeting with the Finance Commission tonight, April 20th at the rec center at 6 P.M. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with a preliminary plan. Anyone is welcome to attend.

New business included requests for a Kiosk DVD Rental Machine to be set up in ourRecreation center (approved with contract pending) and an ice cream truck that will be driving through Candlewick during the summer with ice cream treats for sale.

We again will be having a litter pick up on April 30th and everyone is encouraged toparticipate. Please call Rich Witt at 815-765-0070 or e-mail him at wittrichsue@yahoo.com if you want to volunteer.

Our YMCA will remain under contract until June 30 at which time it will be taken over by Candlewick. Sandy Morse will head up that commission which will be called the Candlewick Recreation Commission.

There were several requests for reductions in Associate Member fees, which were denied for now. A request for a dues credit was approved.

The egg addling to control the goose problem is continuing. Volunteers will be meeting at the tennis court on Saturday at 8 A.M. and welcome new volunteers.

The third and last incorporation survey will be sent out soon. Only 1136 of the surveys have been returned to the office.

Watch the newsletters for more complete information and the official minutes. As always these are unofficial notes.

Pride secretary, Ellen Steiskal