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Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring clean-up sign up time

Rich Witt will once again be in charge of the Candlewick spring cleaning. You can see some of our areas are now littered with papers, cans, etc. from the winter thaw. Volunteers are needed to sign up to clean areas of their choice. Many at Wednesday evening’s meeting signed up for their preferred spots. Before you ask…..yes I did sign up as well to clean an area near our home.

There are several parks that will need to be cleaned. A park would be a perfect fit for one of Candlewick’s clubs or groups.

April 30 (Saturday) will be the day. It seems a little late but it coincides with a nationwide spring cleaning effort. Please contact Rich at 1-847-404-3717 or email rwitt@candlewick-lake.org to sign up and help with the effort to beautify our community. All working together makes this an easy job.

Ken Dillenburg