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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Board’s hands were tied...please help!

Brianna Smitko’s need for donations to help fund her People to People trip to Australia hit a bit of a snag last night at the Candlewick Board meeting. Board policy dictates we are unable to donate to any charitable causes so we had no choice but to decline. That being said, more needs to be said on the subject since this is such a wonderful opportunity for this great young lady.

Brianna is a fifth grader at North Boone and it is a huge honor to be the only one from our local area selected as a participant in the People to People student ambassador program. She will be going to Australia on an educational trip representing us and you can count on her leaving an excellent impression with those whom she meets.

Unfortunately it is up to her and her family to fund the trip, which will cost over $6,000.00. She has been actively raising funds and has already personally passed the half-way point, quite an accomplishment, but time is running out. She needs your help. Please consider offering a donation for her educational experience. We can expect great things from her in the future.

Please call Brianna’s mom at (815) 980-8534 to donate or email briannasmitko@yahoo.com. Let’s show her we care and help fund this experience for her as our ambassador.

Ken Dillenburg