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Friday, July 20, 2012

Would I take the job? Not a chance!

One of the naysayers at last Tuesday’s board meeting questioned the number of hours our general manager works. Well, that is really a question with two answers. There is the minimum he is to work but there is no maximum and he is salaried.
Tracy is on call 24 hours per day and until I was elected to the board I had no true idea what that entailed. Tracy works for the board but he is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to responsibility for operations. Who do you think is called if we have a problem with a gate not working at night? Who gets called if there is a dispute with a P.O. that gets out of hand? Who do you think gets called if there is a water leak at the rec center? It all falls on him at all hours of the night. He is to follow through and handle the situation. I personally have spoken with him both with me initiating the call and at times him calling me well into the evening.
Add to that the evening meetings he attends. We’ll use this week as an example. 4:30 p.m. is his normal time to leave the office. Monday evening I went to our finance commission meeting at 5:30 and who was there? You guessed it, Tracy. He had not yet left the office. Not only that, he stayed for the meeting and when that meeting ended he next was attending the AQUA advisory group meeting. I have no idea how late that lasted. Now on to Tuesday evening. After leaving the office he was back at the rec center at 6:15 for the board meeting. There is another three or so hours of his time. These are the instances I personally am aware of, not because he told me but because I witnessed it personally. I have no idea how many meetings he attended or calls he took (although I spoke with him twice this week in the evening) or special trips he made here for circumstances but I will tell you this, it is no gravy job.
When the question was asked there were no accusations made, simply the question, but I felt this needed addressing to set the record straight. This guy does his job and does it well. He has my backing and I see nothing changing that.
Ken Dillenburg