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Monday, July 23, 2012

Have some good ideas?

Wednesday evening at 7 P.M. in the rec center will be the first of three planned meetings strictly for your input. The meeting is to allow your board to hear your thoughts regarding what you feel is going well and ideas for improvement here in Candlewick. Realize though, this is not a question and answer session. It is for the board members in attendance to make note of your ideas and take them to the full board and management for consideration.
Persons wishing to address the board members in attendance are asked to sign in so they can be called upon in that order. Only those signing in to speak will have time at the microphone. The time limit per speaker will be five minutes so we ask that you come prepared. Your board realizes there are ideas and concerns we have not even considered and this is your chance to bring them to light. We really do want this community to be all it can be and with your input we will continue to improve.
As has been evident at many board meetings we will not all agree on some points but I fully intend to be there with an open mind, putting our differences aside for the betterment of all.
Ken Dillenburg