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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I failed to mention the roads report

Sorry, when I published the info. on the Tuesday board meeting I missed the roads report. Most of the road information I posted here a week or so ago but there is new information about the crackfill and sealing of Candlewick Boulevard.
August 7 or 8 are the planned dates to crackfill and seal the inbound lane depending upon weather. The outbound lane is planned for August 14 or 15. This will cause some traffic disruption but we want this sealed as part of our maintain program on the roads that can have extended life with maintenance. 
September 1 is the plan for cracksealing the remainder of our community and the time necessary is still up in the air but this will not be a big deal for traffic disruption.
Shouldering will be handled as weather and time permit but we intend to go into this winter in one heck of a lot better shape than last year regarding your road system.
Ken Dillenburg