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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Have you ever changed jobs?

Most of us have a few times in our lives. One thing never changes. When starting the new job no matter how familiar you are with duties in the specific field there still is a learning curve. No one truly hits the road running. It takes a few weeks to actually feel like a part of the team and everything flows smoothly.
We have somewhat the same situation here in Candlewick with the changeover to Roscoe Disposal. There were a few calls from unhappy residents who didn’t get their new cans yet or their trash wasn’t collected. There are bound to be some hiccups in the beginning and cans were only delivered to those who have paid. That is completely understandable but I am also sure some cans that should have been delivered were not. Remember there are around 1800 homes in here and that is a lot to absorb. This will all shake out. Just give them a couple weeks to get in the rhythm. Granted, if mine hadn’t been picked up I might not be so understanding. We had a lot of complaints about the previous company’s service so I am looking forward to a better relationship with Roscoe. Hang in there.
Ken Dillenburg