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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Town Hall meeting for P.O. input

 Although I didn't think every board member would be able to attend every one did, wishing to hear the concerns and suggestions of the property owners that were in attendance. As you can see our G.M. as well as the Public Safety management were in attendance.
 The turnout was not large (about 20) but we hope the upcoming meetings we will be planning for Saturdays will have better attendance.
   As expected the naysayers that have complaints at every board meeting were there and now seem to embrace the title naysayer. Some complaints were against me personally and that is fine. When a person is vocal on issues some will not be pleased. I am also very happy to report we had some property owners in attendance who brought up some new ideas as well as areas in which we could improve. That is exactly the input we hoped for.
 This was not a give an take session so there was little interaction between the speakers and audience but copious notes were taken for reference. Your board is very appreciative of those who took the time from their evening for this meeting.
 I wish to make one further comment to those who take the time to read the information posted here. I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating. My posts here represent only my personal take on Candlewick issues and in no way represents board opinion. As an individual board member I have no ability to act on my personal wishes. Only your board can act.
Often the board has differing opinions regarding issues brought before us and split votes are not uncommon.

Ken Dillenburg

Thank you Barb Appelhans for the pictures