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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday evening board meeting points

There was a small turn-out of about 20 at the meeting as expected with little on the agenda that was controversial. The meeting of course started with the half hour of open comments from the attendees.
The open comment portion was as expected, the same song and pretty much the same verse. The handful of naysayers again explained that the board is not doing their job, the management and departments are in general inefficient, money is wasted, and the rules are unfair to them. Just as a reference, I have lived here 25 years and have never had a citation; we have an extremely frugal board. Management is solid and working for the betterment of your community while cutting man-hours where possible. I guess as said in Latin, suum cuique (to each his own).
Now on to the business part of the meeting. A new activities director has been hired to replace Sherri, who left a short time ago. Michelle has 30 years of experience and should be a fine replacement to fill some pretty big shoes. She will be starting in a couple weeks.
Our finances are of course still in good shape as reported last month, with a balance on hand of $4,394,295. Remember though the fiscal year is just getting started and we have some major projects to fund. We’re still well capitalized.
Friends of Candlewick have ordered a new 24’ fishing pier that will be installed by the big willow tree near the rec center. It will be T shaped for more fishing area. Thanks to those folks for their help.
The rec commission reported the swimming classes are a big success and a walking path is in the planning stages so along with all their normal duties they are working on new additions for all of us. A great bunch of folks.
The AQUA adhoc group was dissolved since they have finished their work and the new AQUA advisory group had their first official meeting with AQUA representatives to discuss and avoid future problems.
The golf commission had their first unofficial meeting and the first official meeting is to be held July 24 at the admin building to elect officers and start planning projects.
Our new community garden is producing well with some of the produce going to the food pantry. The Boy Scouts have built benches and other additions for the garden area. If you haven’t seen it be sure to stop by. It is behind the pine trees next to the office parking lot. Well done!
The board voted to contribute $1,000 to the fund being used by ILAC to pay for legal work writing the Amcius brief the board believes is for the betterment of your community.
The resolution to permanently allow motors over 75 horsepower on the lake was unanimously passed including substantial restrictions including no speed over idle. There have been no problems during the test period so it is a go.
Don Parisi has been looking into electric aggregation for Candlewick. As was expected it is difficult to get a firm go ahead from an attorney since there is question of whether an association has the authority to do so or even how it would be worded. This is complicated but Don indicates he is going to continue investigation. Don’t expect any result in the near future on this issue but thanks to Don for working on it.
All the above comments are of course simply my notes and opinion on the issues and in no way reflect board opinion or official minutes.
Ken Dillenburg