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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ECC Rules & Regulations meeting

Monday evening your board met for about another 2 ½ hours continuing the process of eliminating rules that unnecessarily burden the property owners and duplicate Boone county regulations and procedures. Some restrictions seemed pointless although during the build out of Candlewick they may have made sense.
Now Val, our building department manager, has the unenviable task of rewriting the rules and regulations book to conform with the agreed upon changes. This will be a time consuming job but she is up to the task and the end result will be a much more user friendly document that meets the needs of our community without excess restrictions.
When that task is completed the board will again review it for final approval. This will take time so don’t expect it to be published for some time. We want it right and long term applicable when the final document is published.
Ken Dillenburg