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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Current road status

Rabine has now finished all the 2 inch mill & overlay and all the 4 1/2 inch remove and replace paving. A schedule is being set up for the sealing of Candlewick Boulevard (which will be disruptive to traffic), the hot crack-fill of our roads, and the areas they are to do the shoulder work as we indicate. The majority of that work will be performed in-house with Rabine handling the mile or so that was included in their bid. I have mentioned before the shouldering needs to be performed in cooler, damper weather or it will be like trying to shape hard cement along the edging. Rabine also doesn't want to run their heavy equipment over the edges of freshly laid paving when it is so hot that the paving isn't solid. They have been doing a good job for us to this point and the timing of the remainder isn't a serious concern as long as the heavy work is finished. 
To this point I have heard no complaints of more speeding in the areas we removed the humps but public safety has. Whether removal continues or humps are replaced next year is dependent upon driver compliance with speed rules. Our public safety commission will give guidance regarding this issue.
Ken Dillenburg