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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday night board meeting

Val Alt noted the blood drive was a success with 91 total donors. The blood bank folks were very happy with the results.

Next year’s officers for the Rec Commission were announced with Jody Brown as chairman, Karl Steiskal vice chair, and Karen Farkel will be secretary. Steve Lambright will be the board liaison for the commission.

The new archery program is authorized by the board with outside participation allowed only if the participants are called in as guests by property owners.

A board stipend was passed with $50.00 pay per board member per month if they attend at least on applicable meeting. The vote was five to two. It will take effect after the next election. I will comment more on this subject in a later post.

Next year’s budget will be published in the February newsletter and it is going to be a tough year. I will go in depth on this issue in a future post after the budget is published.

Our financial position was reported by Jeff Lutzow indicating we have a total of $3,665,494 currently on the books. About three million of this is in reserves for repair and maintenance of our existing assets including the upcoming road program.

We currently have about 1000 “yes” votes for the CC&R restatement we must pass so another mailing will be going out within about a week to pick up the last votes needed from those who don’t respond well to the mailings. These will pass because they must. This issue will not go away but some just are not interested in participating in the vote. This is costing us every time we must mail to the non-responders.

Tracy Carter (G.M.) went through all the billing invoices from the dredger to be sure we are not being overcharged for the silt pond and dredging the “dip”. The board agreed to allow a 10% profit for the job, which is below the normal profit margin. This was due to questionable overruns in the project and the board action was to be fair to both sides. The actual job was very good so that was not a factor.

Please read the Candlewick newsletter for the official minutes of this and all other board meetings. That is the official record of actions. You may also want to visit the new Candlewick web site. There is a link on the right side of this page.
Ken Dillenburg