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Friday, January 27, 2012

Interest rates and savers

The Fed has announced they intend to keep interest rates low at least through 2014 due to the economy’s weakness. If you are a borrower this is good but if you are a saver it is not so good. With CD rates currently almost laughable and a lot of seniors being pinched with low yields at a time in their lives when safety of capital is important all should know there are a few higher rates available if you are willing to shop around and use your computer for comparisons. Sure, you will be investing and use a bank you may never see but if it is FDIC insured it is still fine. I am putting a couple links below that to many are familiar but just in case you may want to check them out. There are no great rates anywhere when safety is utmost but you may do a little better. Happy hunting!

Posted by Ken Dillenburg