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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Possibly very good news! AQUA

 It appears that although not yet final, the ICC is obviously leaning toward our side on the meter replacement issue as you will see below as well as other possible relief. Again, this could be appealed but it is sure looking better, thanks in no small part to the AQUA commission headed my Mary Budreau. All you folks who spoke at the hearing or simply attended to show support must have made an impression as well. Good for you, no, GOOD FOR CANDLEWICK! Look what can happen when we work together.
 Below is part of the proposal by the ICC.    Read on and smile! (I highlighted the one area)
  Ken Dillenburg

having reviewed the positions of the parties, the Commission notes that the AG’s proposal, to which Staff does not object, is intended to provide relief for those residential customers in the Candlewick and Oak Run areas who have been shifted to ¾-inch meters and would be subject to the customer charge applicable to that meter size once rates are approved in this proceeding.
The Commission also observes that these two divisions are in different consolidated rate groups in Staff’s consolidation proposal.
In the Commission’s view, although the workings of the AG proposal to “moderate the meter differential and phase in the AWWA meter ratios more gradually” are not clear, the Commission believes that some relief for these residential customers would be appropriate.
Accordingly, for those residential customers in the Candlewick and Oak Run divisions who have been placed on ¾-inch meters, Aqua shall offer the customers an opportunity to switch back to a 5/8-inch meter, and 5/8-inch meter customer charge, at no charge for making the switch, unless the 5/8-inch meter is not operationally feasible for that customer. For a customer who elects such a switch, Aqua will be permitted to leave the larger meter in place if Aqua chooses to do, but in that situation the customer will be charged the customer charge applicable to the 5/8-inch meter