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Friday, May 25, 2012

What's up with the dead fish?

 This happens every year so no need for concern. Spawning stresses the fish, especially panfish, as they try to protect their eggs from other fish. Normally the dead ones end up in the east end of the lake due to the prevailing west wind. The strong wind Thursday pushed the dead fish into the north end of the lake, where they will start to decay and smell. Your maintenance department is working to clean up the fish and get rid of them, especially in the areas with the biggest problem. They won't get them all but they are doing their best.
  You will see some bluegills and crappies with what looks like white hair on them. This is a form of fungus, once again killing them due to their lowered immune system. Before too many weeks it will be snails floating all over. Once again a normal occurrence. 
Ken Dillenburg