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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Next Monday....be ready!

 Many of you know our long planned road project is scheduled to start next Monday, weather permitting. Heavy equipment will start rolling in to grind down sections that will be repaired. Around 4 p.m. Monday the plan is to grind down the office parking lot so plan on a mess there Tuesday. Tuesday after the office closes the lot will be paved so by Wednesday, although unstriped, it will be ready for normal use. Grinding and paving will continue with many areas effected and the project will continue for three weeks or a little longer as progress dictates.
 Two work crews are planned to expedite the job with each starting on one side of the lake and working toward one another until they meet at the end. Rabine Paving is good and we expect this to be handled well but with any construction job there will probably be little snags. There will be some inconvenience but it will be controlled as much as possible. After the main paving job the shoulder work, crack fill, lot striping, and other less disruptive work will continue.
 This will all be over soon so bear with us.   Ken Dillenburg