Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


General Manager’s Report:  We have changed our payroll processing service from HK Pay to ADP.  We will receive additional services at a reduced cost.  The new refuse contract was approved from Veolia to Roscoe Disposal and will take place July 1ST.  Notice to the members will be going out from both vendors in late May or early June.  The repairs to the main pool have been completed and approved by the county.

Lake Management: It was bought up about the plantings for the lake but it was decided to put that off until the grass carp population is under control.

Road Construction:  Ken said the road construction contract is signed by both parties and set to go.  The improvements are marked on the roadways and construction will be will begin soon weather permitting.  Target date is June 4. Rabine also will be offering re-surfacing driveways when they are out here at a reduced price.

Recreation:  Rich Witt continues to work on the walking path.  Sherri is interviewing and hiring staff for the pool.  The 4 square and hopscotch courts are completed.  The commission is looking for younger (teenage) members to fill some openings.

Legal:  The CC&R’s and By Laws are back from the lawyer and will be looked at by the board.

Golf Commission:  The commission has 6 members and was approved and is ready to be up and running.

 Community Garden:  Is in the process of being completed.  There is space for 12 gardens and 10% of the crop is donated to the food pantry.  There are 6 plots still open.

CMS Server:  A proposal was accepted to replace our computer system for public safety.  The system is down and information being put in manually.

Tennis Courts:  It was approved to repair the tennis courts and fencing.  A resurface with an interlocking system will be done on the courts.  The fence will be replaced with a vinyl coated chain link fence.

Grass Carp/Bow w/tethered arrow Fishing:  A Candlewick resident 16 years or older with a proper Illinois fishing lic. and a Candlewick I.D. while using a bow with a tethered arrow may help with the removal of the grass carp.  The fish must be disposed of in a plastic bag and placed in the trash at the maintenance department.  The bowfishing hours will be dawn to dusk.  Lake Management must also be notified of the catch so they can keep track of the numbers of grass carp removed.
Submitted by Ellen Steiksla, Pride Secretary