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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The "speed humps"

 I thought I had covered this earlier but I am still getting questions so I may have missed it. The question of whether or not to keep the speed humps was referred to the Public Safety Commission due to having good arguments for both sides of the question. The consensus is to remove any of the humps that are in the areas being resurfaced and Public Safety will monitor those areas to see if speeding becomes an issue. If so the question will be re-visited by the commission and they may be re-installed. 
 On a personal note, if we have a speeding problem in those areas I say ticket the heck out of the offenders and handle it that way, I don't care if we have to station a patrol car there a lot. Rescue vehicles don't like the humps nor do bicyclists, low riding cars, garbage trucks, and more. I want our kids to be safe also and there has to be a way to handle this.
Ken Dillenburg