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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ken, why haven't you been answering emails?

I've been gone a couple days but I left some things posted here for people to chew on during my absence. Occasionally Fran and I like to just take off two or three days to unwind and remember what life is all about. This was one of those times.
We went back to my roots in Southwestern Iowa to the area I have mentioned here before where everyone waves as you drive by, even the farmers on their tractors. I saw the home I used to live in and the places I played as a child. Memories came flooding back of the little fat boy walking the dusty streets and roads.
We again visited the cemetery where my ancestors that settled the area are lain to rest. A link to the past with those that made my life possible. The newest date on a stone with my relative's name was 1912, one hundred years ago. Many were in the mid-1800s. Lifespans were short back then I see. I have tried before to lift the upper part of Sarah's stone into position but have been unable to do so in the past. The stone when fully in place comes about to my nose but at some time in the past the granite had split about half way down and the upper piece had buried an inch or so into the ground when it fell backward. The stone is large at the bottom then a square piece rises above the base in a narrowing square shape to the point. This time I was determined. I managed to break the upper half free from the dirt and hoisted it up, much to my surprise, being able to sit it in it's rightful place bringing the stone to full height. There 'ya go, Sarah. Things are as they should be with you having your earned respectful monument.
I'll drop in some pictures I took. Many things are as they used to be there.
Ken Dillenburg

 We didn't stay in my home town because there is nowhere to stay. These pictures are from a town about fifteen miles away where we did stay.

When is the last time you have seen a sign like this one? Bring back memories?

Here is the station next to the sign. 
 This is the Eagle carved from wood, bell and all, that stands near the courthouse on the town square.

We stopped at "Peggy Sue's" for some ice cream. Lots of stuff from the fifties in there.
Soldiers are held in highest esteem there, as they should be. This statue stands by the same courthouse as the Eagle.