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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don Parisi

I am sure many of you know Don Parisi, one of the board members, suffered a heart attack last weekend. I didn’t report on it here at the time because it is a personal matter that I wasn’t sure he would want shared. Since it was discussed at the Tuesday board meeting I feel free to discuss it.
Although the attack was very serious I am so happy to report he had a procedure that went well and as I write this he is resting comfortably in the hospital, where he is expected to stay until Friday or Saturday. Wednesday he was up walking again. It is a huge relief. Don is a good man I consider a friend as well as a very valuable member of the board.
A lot of prayers were said on Don’s behalf last weekend and continuing, some of which were mine. Please keep Don in your prayers as a thank you for the healing as well as for continued speedy full recovery. He is in good spirits, joking and laughing. A great sign.
 Ken Dillenburg