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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slow news week so off topic

I read in the June issue of Discovery magazine (page 10) congestive heart failure may have a good treatment a few years down the road. Details follow…..
Pythons (snakes) can fast for as much as a year then eat something with more body weight than their own. This seems an impossible situation for the heart to endure since it has to gear up to digest the food and the fat content in the blood has a huge spike. Upon investigation it was found the Python has three molecules in their blood that when stimulated to act by necessary metabolism change will cause the heart muscle to grow by 40% in a period of 48 hours. These molecules have huge promise if cultivated for use in human patients with heart failure. A weak heart could in theory generate healthy new cells and strengthen itself.
As with most breakthroughs this will be studied for some time and clinical trials in humans will be years away but the findings are good enough that a company has been founded to continue the research on this promising treatment.
This is of course just a quick overview of the article but I found it interesting and you can read the full article in Discovery if you wish.
Ken Dillenburg